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Create A Magical Fantasy Kingdom on Elvenar!

In the Elvenar game, you can create a magical paradise where mystical creatures can live together in harmony and prosperity. Settle in for a fantastic adventure as you establish, build, and create a wonderful kingdom for you and your race.

To grow and expand your kingdom, you have to gather resources, establish ancient research centers, and trade with other players. Your aim is to establish and expand your magical kingdom into different provinces to accommodate more people, races, and trades!


Start by Choosing Your Race

Before you start building your kingdom, you must first choose which race should you belong to. You can either be a human or a magical elf – each race will have a unique skill, feature, and ability that affects building style and other activities. For example, Magical Elves can use their magical abilities for defense and protection. Humans, on the other hand, have to craft weapons that can fend off invaders and enemies.


Learn to Trade and Advance Your Civilization

As mentioned earlier, one way to grow your kingdom and advance your society is by learning how to trade with other players (and their kingdoms). Through trading, you can gather more goods and resources that you can use to build more houses and centers.

There are thousands of other Elvenar online game players that you can trade with. You can also go to the marketplace and trade with merchants. You need these goods and resources to build more settlements. Settlements usually require orcs, mana, corn, and other sentient goods.


Meet and Welcome New Creatures to Your Realm

Your kingdom should be a safe place for all in the world of Elvenar! Create homes for dwarves, fairies, and even dragons within your kingdom. Make sure they are kept safe and provided as long as they live inside your realm.


Plan Your Kingdom Using Elvenar Gems of Knowledge

Elvenar is not your usual craft and building game where you can just place any building or settlement anywhere you like. You need to have a layout plan for your magical kingdom! This ensures that your people will have access to resources and centers that they need for their skill or trade. It also promotes efficiency and functionality that can make your kingdom more productive and prosperous in no time.

You need to be guided with the tips from the Elvenar Gems of Knowledge team. First, you must understand that there are around 5 types of settlements and they have to be accessible with each other. These settlements are the Academy, Atelier, Agriculture, Factory, and the Vault of Wisdom. Aside from that, a Council Hall must be built.


The Elvenar Settlements

Academies must have direct contact with the Council Hall. Players can build as many academies as possible, depending on the resources and goods that are available. To unlock the other types of settlements, Academies must be established and upgraded to increase production.

Once the Atelier, Agriculture, and Factories are unlocked, these settlements also have to be in direct contact with Academies. This is why you need to draw out a layout plan so that these settlements will not be far from each other.

The last to settlement to open is the Vault of Wisdom. This has to be in contact with the Atelier, Agriculture, and Factory. You can build as many as you can, as long as you can connect each settlement with its required set of buildings.

However, you must also note that each settlement needs ideas and workforce to function. These are produced in the Academies, that’s why they are the basic foundations of your magical kingdom! Advanced production also allows you to convert Elf resources to Human resources (and vice versa).


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Experience and build your own magical city Kingdom on Elvenar PC! Get a free Elvenar download for PC today and start planning and building your very own functional city that is complete with mythical creatures and monsters.

In your own Elvenar city, you can produce crystal balls, designs, plants and sculptures that can be sold or traded for more goods and resources! Upgrade your buildings to improve production and efficiency. Download the Elvenar game on PC now!

The advantage of playing Elvenar game on PC is that you don’t have to worry about lags and crashes – especially if your mobile phone is already low in storage space. This fantasy simulation game will take up a huge chunk of data in your mobile device, but a PC can surely handle it!

Elvenar is also available on on mobile, tablet, and PC devices. You can switch from any gadget as you like. As long as you sign up for an Elvenar game account, your progress will be saved and you can continue from where you left off at just any device that is available to you. You can also try other similar games like Dragon City and or a more modern one like Design Home free to play and download, too.

Game Features

  • Build a magical city-kingdom!
  • Protect the Elf and Human races.
  • Trade with other players and merchants for goods and resources.
  • Build settlements and expand your realm!
  • Upgrade buildings and advance your civilization.

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Elvenar Screenshot
Elvenar Screenshot

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