More Features Await in Elvenar PC!

Since its initial launch in 2017, InnoGames GmbH never stopped providing new content to Elvenar PC. In other words, this is an ever-growing game that receives regular updates. In addition to the original features, new events, bug fixes, and improvements to make the game fresh. With that said, let’s take a quick peek at some of the latest developments added into this magical game.


More Features for Elvenar PC

In terms of aesthetics, a new interface update made its way into the game that every player might love. These aesthetic improvements include the Blimps for wholesaler purchases and disenchanting items. These improvements were part of version 1.99.5. The release also introduced a new button that allows the player to enter the Spire of Eternity. And speaking of renovations, a button that leads to the crafting tab of the magic academy made its way to the game through Version 1.104.3.


Navigation improvements also made its way into the game. One of the latest updates Version 1.105.2 allows the player to navigate with ease. You see, in a game that features a vast world like Elvenar, Navigation plays a massive role in making the game playable. Having an efficient navigation system allows the player not to lose focus on the essential tasks. Having a lame navigation system across the map would eventually make the game less exciting and the quests/tasks less enjoyable.




That said, one of the latest improvements came with Version 1.105.2. It solely focuses on fast travel between the city, research, and world map. Unlike the previous versions where players are required to go back to the town, the new version allows them to close study and return to the environment where it initially opened. Other than that, there are still more improvements and events coming to the game, so keep your eyes peeled and download Elvenar PC today.


Overall, if you’re excited to try this game, then why not do it now with your friends? Spread the news and aim for the best! If you’re looking for more simulation games, try looking at!